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The Birth of Donna Bruce Unlimited Inc

Witness the poignant genesis of Donna Bruce Unlimited Inc. (DBU) as it unfolded after the passing of her firstborn son, Devon L. Wellington. Born on June 5, 1989, Devon's vibrant presence illuminated the lives of those around him until his untimely departure on July 24, 2021. Donna, fueled by an unyielding love for Devon and fortified by his enduring spirit, embarked on a transformative journey that gave birth to DBU Inc..


Devon, a charismatic and multifaceted individual, touched the lives of many as a caring son, devoted brother, and beloved father. His leadership qualities, showcased during his high school days at ACCE High School, left an indelible mark on classmates, forming bonds that endured beyond graduation.


Devon's passions extended far beyond the basketball court, where he displayed phenomenal skills, and the kitchen, where he excelled as a Sous Chef. Yet, amidst his achievements, he found solace and peace in the simple act of braiding his daughter's hair—an intimate form of expression that became a symbol of healing through art.


The untimely passing of Devon unveiled a silent struggle with past traumas and untreated mental health issues. In the wake of this profound loss, Donna, fortified by her son's enduring spirit, founded DBU INC as a haven for healing and restoration. This organization, born from the depths of grief, seeks to support those impacted by trauma through innovative approaches in education, life skills, and the arts.


DBU INC stands as a testament to the transformative power of love and resilience, contributing to the creation of stronger and happier communities through support workshops for person bereaved, fashion shows with initiatives around gun violence, Substance Misuse, mental health and overall "Healing Through Art."  As Donna, along with Stepfather Dwayne Bruce and a host of family members, carries forward Devon's vision, the evolution of Donna Bruce Unlimited into a meaningful organization becomes a poignant chapter in a story of turning grief into purpose and honoring a promise to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible.

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Meet Thr Founder

Donna Bruce, Founder, and CEO of Donna Bruce Unlimited Inc., is a Sr. Stylist, author, social justice activist, orator, mother, wife, and twenty-five-year trauma survivor.


After learning to cope with the many traumatic experiences, which include drug addiction, human trafficking, rape, and physical abuse, Donna Bruce gained the courage and tenacity to obtain long-term sobriety and healing through self-help programs, Art Therapy, Clinical Counseling and the support of her husband and family.


Donna Bruce has been serving the cosmetology industry for over thirty years. Donna Bruce has mentored many future stylists and was an instructor at several local beauty schools, including the Baltimore Studio of Hair Design, Empire Beauty School. Ultimately, becoming the Director of Education at Baltimore Beauty & Barber School. 


As Donna watched her students struggle with addictions and other unfortunate life situations, she became a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist with a Focus on family. Then she advanced to become a Registered Peer Supervisor, Thru the Maryland Addiction Behavioral Health Board.

Through Donna’s work as a social justice advocate, Councilman Zeke Cohen nominated Donna Bruce to sit on the first-of-its-kind Trauma Informed Care Task Force with the passage of the Elijah Cummings Healing City Act. Donna Bruce also spearheaded Destiny’s Dream scholarship after the tragic passing of Destiny Harrison in her salon, for cosmetology students at Mergenthan  Vocational High School to receive one thousand dollars for supplies needed to be successful in the cosmetology program in honor of her daughter Dream.

 Champion for change, Donna Bruce, decided to take her passion a step further by joining forces with legislation in Maryland, and Donna testified on House Bill 782 and Senate Bill 206 – True Freedom Act of 2020. As a result of her shared testimony, the bill passed in 2020, and now victims of Human Trafficking can have their criminal records vacated and experience true freedom in rebuilding their lives 


Donna Bruce has also participated in Governor Hogan’s 2019 House Bill 827, which allows sex trafficking children to receive screening instead of incarceration. 

A lot can be said about Donna's Life but it sums up to Healing is possible.

July 23, 2023
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