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Peer Lead Founder CPRS-F,RPS, RCPF

Healing Through Art, Guided by the Art of Coaching

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Our Mission

We Champion 'Healing Through Art' By 'The Art of Coaching'

DBU INC empowers and heals trauma-impacted individuals through life skills, arts, and innovative coaching. We provide transformative training in peer support and cosmetology, fostering holistic well-being. Our fashion shows, which include initiatives for gun violence survivors and bereaved parents, celebrate resilience and strength, transforming personal growth into powerful community impact.

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From Shadows to Strength

The message within these pages is to triumph over your personal adversity and remain true to yourself. Often, the toughest battles are facing your own truth. Never forget your inner strength as you emerge as a warrior through your challenges. The story within these pages is a powerful testament to human resilience and unwavering power in self-belief.This book's purpose is to ignite essential conversations, shedding light on life's tribulations that people often conceal in the shadows.

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